Spirit Earth Show (DVD)


Title: Spirit Earth Show
Genre: Reality television mini-series
Season 1: 4 episodes (18 minutes 78 seconds)
Season 2: 5 episodes (25 minutes 03 seconds)
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish and Japanese
Creators: Claudia Hallowell, Nia Lyte, Shin Koyamada
Hosts: Claudia Hallowell, Nia Lyte
Director: Jay Lee
Production companies: Claudia Hallowell Entertainment, Shinca Pictures
Format: DVD
DVD box size: 190mm x 135mm x 14mm
Links: IMDB.com
Official site: http://spiritshow.tv

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One thing we all have in common is that Earth is our home. Earth is more than a planet. It is a world of evolving consciousness, which we are all part of; which is part of each of us. As we evolve, a more positive spirit is emerging. As the spirit and soul of humanity evolves, we each are called upon to open our hearts even more.

Spirit Earth Show is about how Earth nurtures our spirits and souls and takes care of us and how we can in turn take care of our precious Earth. We will explore what celebrities and the unsung heroes of the world are doing that brings a positive spirit to Earth that may be through caring for animals and nature or it may be how people are reaching out to others in the smallest ways globally. Spirit Earth is a collage of the beauty and poetry of the human spirit expressed in the world that inspires, nurtures and awakens the spirit of life in each of us.


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