San Jose-Okayama Sister Cities 60th Anniversary

In his hometown Okayama, Japan, Koyamada joined the 34 American San Jose-Okayama Sister Cities delegation from San Jose, California to celebrate 60th Okayama-San Jose Sister Cities Anniversary as Sister Cities International national board of directors and its country representative for Eastern Asia and Japan.

In 2017, Koyamada joined over 100 Japanese delegation from Okayama City visiting to San Jose to celebrate the Sister cities anniversary between two cities. He was privileged to represent both cities from both sides to strengthen its friendship between two cities.

On the first day, the American delegation, including city councilmen, business leaders and other sister cities community leaders were welcomed by the Mayor and City Councilmen at Okayama City Hall where Sister Cities International Chairman Tim Quigley made his speech in both English and impressive Japanese.

The visit was followed by exchanging dialogue with executives of Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Okayama City Convention Center. Later that day, Koyamada joined the Okayama Mayor, Okayama City Council Chairman and its city councilmen, business and community leaders, whom he knows the most in person.

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