Sister Cities International Board Meeting in Annapolis

Koyamada participated Sister Cities International (SCI) national board of directors meeting in Annapolis, Maryland to discuss different topics to strengthen sister cities partnerships of U.S. cities, counties, states in other countries. SCI represents over 2,000 sister cities partnerships in 145 countries for a few hours , United States.

At SCI, there are a total of 27 board of directors comprised of elected officials and business leaders, tens of state representatives for each State and tens of country representatives for each region and country from around the U.S. Besides being a board member, Koyamada is also serving as country representative for East Asia and Japan of the SCI. local governments of sister cities are official members of the SCI.

Koyamada was surprised to learn how big both domestic and International network of sister cities were and how significant the magnitude of all SCI and regional chapter sister cities associations could be to promote world peace through people to people relationships. Koyamada encourages people, especially next generation, to get involved in the sister cities movements in your own community and country to promote peace through people to people direct exchanges.

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