Italian Night With Italian Embassy Tokyo & Consulate

Koyamada and his wife Nia hosted an cross-cultural networking event "Italian Night", organized by our KIF Japan and the Italian Consulate General, Osaka, Japan in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute (Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Osaka) and Italian Government Tourist Board (l'ENIT Tokyo - Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo) to strengthen relationship between Japan and Italy held in Setouchi (Seto Inland Sea), Okayama, Japan.

Koyamada's relationship with Italy began when he was invited to Italy to attend martial arts event to perform Karate and Iaido before 2000 Italian audience, which was aired nationwide on Italian television in 2009. His love for Italian foods, culture, history, and people grew much bigger than he thought it would be since that visit, thanks to wonderful hospitality that his Italian friends gave him. He always wanted to host an Italy-Japan international exchange event in Japan as a token of my appreciation for inviting him to Italy.

Setouchi, known as the "Mediterranean of Japan" and "Aegean Sea of the Orient" is the sea that he grew up with fishing, camping and swimming, and represents good part of his childhood memory. At the event, they were pleased to invite two Italian singers, who live in Tokyo and Osaka, singing in Italian during the event while Italian people who live in Japan and local native Japanese people who like Italian culture and people enjoyed eating the real Italian foods and drinks and chatting with each other.

The event was very successful, entertaining and nicely organized, and Koyamada was pleased that everyone else felt the same way. He would like to thank the staff of Italian Consulate General of Osaka, our KIF Japan and Chugoku, and Hotel Limani for making this happen.

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