60th San Jose-Okayama Sister Cities Anniversary

Koyamada was invited by City of San Jose to participate the Flag Raising of the 60th Sister Cities Anniversary of San Jose and his hometown Okayama at the San Jose City Hall in San Jose, CA. Over 100 delegation, including the Mayor, Chairman of City Council, City Council members, CEOs of business leaders and cultural organizations from Okayama, Japan flew all the way to San Jose to join events for many days in San Jose, CA.

Koyamada mentioned that it was wonderful to see many of his friends from his hometown, and he never thought he would see them in San Jose, CA. On the way driving up to San Jose from Los Angeles, Koyamada and his wife stopped by Pebble Beach and Monterey Bay to see some of their friends and were surprised by the changes in the area.

On the second day in San Jose, CA, it was his privilege to emcee along with his wife the special celebration event of the 60th Sister Cities Anniversary of San Jose and my hometown Okayama before approx. 500 people, including over 100 Okayama City delegation and many representatives of San Jose City at the Hammer Theatre in San Jose, CA. At the event, it was very entertaining and his pleasure to welcome four great performance groups such as Taiko group from Okayama Gaikugeikan High School, music group from Kurozumikyo, Indian music group from Pune, India and The Get Down music group from San Jose area.

On the third day, he mentioned that it was fun visiting the Nikkei Matsuri event in the Japantown, San Jose, meeting many local residents and learning the history of San Jose, Japantown and Japanese American with his friends from Okayama City. He would like to thank City of San Jose, City of Okayama, Japan and Okayama-San Jose Sister Cities for inviting him and his wife to be part of the historical celebration and represent the sister cities at the events in San Jose, CA. He looks very much forward to continuing his efforts to strengthen the relationship between Japan and USA as well as promoting the sister cities for many more years to come.

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