Japanese Fashion Designer at Oscar’s Gift Lounge

Koyamada was invited to participate the Oscar's Gift Lounge for which a business group of his friends from Japan sponsored to promote their products at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Many celebrities showed up to support the event and the sponsors.

During their visits to LA, they stopped by his friend's new Kyoto Tempura restaurant called Tempura Endo in Beverly Hills. Koyamada has visited the main one in Kyoto a few times, and the foods were very healthy and tasty. Many celebrities have been visiting the one in Beverly Hills since its opening last year. The owner Mr. Endo was kind enough to fly all the way from Kyoto to LA just to join and thank them for their visits.

One of their guests from Japan was a famous Japanese fashion designer Keiichiro Yuri, whom Koyamada met at the Tokyo Fashion Week last year in Tokyo where Keiichiro was showcasing his latest fashion designs to mass Japanese media. Keiichiro has won many international fashion awards around the world. Koyamada was very pleased that Keiichiro gifted Koyamada one of his latest leather and unique handbag.

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