Japan America Society’s Iron Chef Sakai Dinner

Koyamada was invited to attend a dinner party with Iron French Chef Sakai, hosted by the Japan-America Society of Southern California at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. Koyamada serves as the Special Ambassador of the Society.

The Chef Sakai is originally from Kagoshima, Japan where Koyamada's father is also from. Chef Sakai told him that Chef Sakai is a huge fan of Koyamada's role Nobutada in the movie The Last Samurai. The movie story happens to be based in KagoshimaPrefecture where it used tobe know as Satsuma Domain.

Koyamada mentioned that all of the foods Chef Sakai cooked that night was wonderful, especially very tender Miyazaki Beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan where Koyamada has visited the Governor a few times for KIF Japan's nonprofit programs. The Miyazaki Governor has suggested Koyamada to try their Miyazaki Beef many times so he finally did it in Los Angeles!

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