2004/TV Series

Jake 2.0: Upgrade

Jake is assigned to protect Dr. Nanda Sang – a Nobel Prize–winning activist and diplomat – who is targeted by the Junshi clan of assassins. However, for a man of peace, the Nelson Mandela of East Asia isn’t quite what they’re expecting. Particularly Diane, who sees him as a hero. Meanwhile, Warner pays DuMont a visit. The assassin, Shinji Makito (Shin Koyamada), that was assigned to kill Dr. Sang has regrets, and fails to kill him. Jake upgrades his nanites to version 3.0, against Diane’s orders, in order to improve his image recollection of the failed attack. Jake and Shinji become friends, and they work together to try to stop the 2nd assassin, Yuki Makito, Shinji’s sister.

May 27th, 2004
Television series
Sky1 (UK), Sci Fi (US)
Sci fi/Action/Drama
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