Shinca Enterprise™ advises within both the private and public sectors throughout the world. Shinca's clients are international leading corporations in many industries, including entertainment & media, technology, shopping mall, federal, state & local government, manufacturing & retail. For over 5 years, we have served consulting numerous companies in the US, Asia, Europe and South America from an organic fertilizer company to a shopping mall developer, a movie cinema chain, a themed park company, a retail company, a technology manufacturing company, a nano tech company, a various governments and many more.

Shinca Entertainment is an American entertainment and arts company that combines a masterful artistry and storytelling with groundbreaking use of technologies that are cutting-edge. Shinca Entertainment operates several businesses that deal with: movies, television shows, comic books, music, live events, video games, animation, themed parks, and online digital content. We strive to delivering the highest quality content for our industry partners and clients.

At Shinca Pictures, our focus are producing a good action packed feature films and short films that are good story-telling, international appealing and entertaining for movies; television shows, series and mini-series that are inspiring, uplifting and a lighthearted; a good story-telling Anime-influenced animation films and series that are original or based on comics; and documentary films, series and miniseries that are inspirational and internationally appealing.

Founded in 2009, Genji Comics is an American comic book producer and publisher focused on an action oriented original American comic book.

Its imprint include Laizen Comics, a partnership brand between Genji Comics and a famous American comic book illustrator. Laizen Comics first produced and published The Dreamhoppers, an action adventure about the supernatural powers given to certain people known as Dreamhoppers.

Founded in 2009, Laizen Comics is a joint venture American comic book publisher between Genji Comics and an well known American comic book illustrator Travis G. Moore who illustrated DC Comics' projects Superman, Wonder woman and Freedom Fighter. Laizen Comics distributed its first original comic book titled The Dreamhoppers to independent comic stores in three in California, Nevada and New York.

Founded in 2016, Meiji Studios is an independent video game developer dedicated to produce an entertaining action genre mobile game and console game that are original or based on a comic book.

Meiji works closely with a group of international young talented professionals whom we handpicked from a renowned university that we work with, and who are passionate and could deliver a designated task accordingly.

Spirit Show Network is an American television network and web television network that is a joint venture established by Shinca Entertainment and Claudia Hallowell Entertainment in Los Angeles in 2012. The Network's operations begun distributing its original reality television show titled Spirit Fashion Show to KCTV Los Angeles airing on Channel 3 on Charter Cable once a week starting from September 17, 2012 for six straight weeks. The show featured famous fashion designers such as Sue Wong, Ximena Valero, Mike Vensel, Sarah Nami Ahn, Octavio Carlin, Henry Duarte, Thai Nguyen and others who showcased their fashions at Los Angeles Fashion Week in Los Angeles, California in 2012.